If you have purchased a silhouette machine (or any other brand) but it is still in the box because you don’t know how to use it, I challenge you to take it out and try something new.  There are helps available online, or you could take a class or two.  We are teaching and hosting a retreat in November, in Phoenix, Arizona to do just that.  If you would like to learn more, or just get together with like-minded ladies for a day of crafting and learning, join us for this exciting day.

We will be teaching several projects as well as instructing on all the bells and whistles of a silhouette machine.  We are even having a guest instructor who knows more about the machines and the functions of all the buttons than anyone I know.

 If we can help with questions you have about the Cameo, leave a question or comment and we will try to help.  Our goal is to inspire others to create their own masterpieces and feel the accomplishment and joy that we do when we finish a project and can’t wait to share it with each other.